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Xenocide - 2009-02-18

"Captain America, you've got to help us," he said without the slightest trace of urgency. It was then Cap realized that everyone had been being sarcastic this whole time.

Hugo Gorilla - 2009-02-18

The guy playing Captain America is the son of J.D. Salinger.

Blandwiches - 2009-02-18

I never saw this. I remember hearing though that Captain America's ears on his costume were fake and they made Red Skull an Italian for some reason.

Caminante Nocturno - 2009-02-18

Captain Quadbike.

Nikon - 2009-02-18

There were some problems with this movie.

Blaise - 2009-02-19


themilkshark - 2009-02-18

I'm having a hard time believing this wasn't made in 1979.

BHWW - 2009-02-18

Directed by Albert Pyun, responsible for such classics as The Sword and the Sorceror (the clip with the hero wielding his triple-bladed sword is linked here on POETV), Radioactive Dreams (the one about a couple of guys raised on detective novels who venture out of their bunker into a post-nuke world, and has George Kennedy wearing some kind of quasi-futuristic battle armor), Dangerously Close (vigilante snobs target the undesirable kids at a high school), MST3K fodder Alien from L.A., Cyborg with Van Damme and the direct-to-video low budget quasi-faux-cyberpunk action film Nemesis.

Koda Maja - 2009-02-18

Not only that, but Pyun also scammed the government of Guam out of about a million dollars.


Hooker - 2009-02-18

Both the Salinger trivia and a spiel about Albert Pyun before I even got here? I feel sick :(

garcet71283 - 2009-02-18

Max Salanger has got nothing on Reb Brown.

Reb Brown is the true Captain America.

Camonk - 2009-02-18

The sad and lonely douchebag will make an even better one. That guy IS Steve Austin or Buck Rogers or whatever the hell Captain America's name is.

dr tits - 2009-02-18

only captain america can save us from the machine-gun crazy man...
by log-rolling into an alley.

i can't believe i haven't seen this;
the guy with the mustache was totally in flashdance.

TeflonDoc - 2009-02-18

Rubber. Ears.

Cheese - 2009-02-18

In this movie, Captain America says to the driver of a car, "Pull over, I'm going to be sick," and as soon as they get out to help him, he runs back, steals the car and leaves them. TWICE.

An extra star for the poster named Dr. Tits, good job.

Stopheles - 2009-02-18

When I was a high-school intern at Marvel in 91, I got to read the letter sent by Marvel to the production company that made this movie, explaining things like "Captain America is not bulletproof, nor is he stronger than an Olympic athlete" and "Captain America wouldn't stand helplessly on the other side of the room while the Red Skull talked on and on and on - he'd throw his shield and score a direct hit, because he's Captain America."

Nikon - 2009-02-18

When Captain America throws his mighty shield,
all those that chose to oppose his shield must yield.
When he gets in a fight, and a duel is due,
then the red, the white, and the blue will come through
when Captain America throws his mighty shield.

Dinkin Flicka - 2009-02-19

Interestingly, Matt Salinger wears the Cap suit for about a 4th of his overall screen time. This movie is also incredibly quotable if you watch it with the right people under the right influences. And lastly, it features the most hilarious instance of anyone saying "Heil Hitler" ever.

Disaster - 2009-02-19


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