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Desc:Data gets alot done in a day
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:star trek, TNG, Sherlock Holmes, data
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i like these
Me too, usually, but not this one.

Beefcake Lavar Burton hit a little too close to home for ya?

It made get all tingly.

Data gets his own walking music.

This is no less non-nonsensical than how Holmes solved crimes in the novels.

"I can tell from your gait that you are a taxidermist. From the red smudge on your lapel, I see you have been to Cornwall lately. Your favorite book is "Bawdy Maids in Estrus", as evidenced by the fact that you are left handed. By eliminating the impossible, the remaining truth present itself, that you are the real killer!"
Exactly. The only reason Holmes comes off as intelligent is because all of his retarded prejudicial assumptions turn out to be right.

When I was a kid I read the second half of the Sherlock Holmes "Canon" and came to the conclusion that Sherlock (and his brother Mycroft) were both andriods sent to us by a superior alien race to assist the British government in the time between WWI and WWII. The book report was not well received.

And this is why I'm actually not at all surprised that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was taken in by the Cottingley Fairies.

holodeck episodes
I liked this when I was 12, but I hate this show so much that I don't really know what to rate it.
Are you sure you understand what these videos actually are?


oh. I watched it until the end. I guess I understand now.

I'm still not sure you do, baleen.

walking music
Caminante Nocturno
Yes, walking music.

Walking music.

I wasn't entertained. So far THIS is the only episode I've not enjoyed. :(
Rodents of Unusual Size
This is truly a masterpiece of literature.
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