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Desc:The most ridiculous and embarassing moments in late-run WCW, and that's saying a LOT.
Category:Sports, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:wcw, pro wrestling, wrestlecrap, david arquette
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Comment count is 7
Adramelech - 2006-08-06
Savage/Nash was painful. I love the guy yelling at Sid - "In the trunk, you idiot!"
Stopheles - 2006-08-06
No "Night of a thousand Stingers," no debut of the Demon? For shame, so-called smarks. For shame.
Torture the Artist - 2006-08-06
Unbelievably hard to watch. Didn't Goldberg nearly die from elbowing out that window?
HURF BLURF DUH - 2006-08-06
I'm not a wrestling dork. I don't get what's worse about this than any other wrestling highlights.
Killer Joe - 2006-08-06
The guy that fell 2 feet off the ladder, then dropped flat on his back. Brilliant.
Mordant - 2006-08-07
Say it ain't so Mean Gene :'(
bopeton - 2006-08-09
Those are blunders? All wrestling looks like that to me.
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