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Desc:WTF China?
Category:Educational, Nature & Places
Tags:Snakes, fish, asia, wtf china, live food
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Comment count is 33
It's just gas escaping.
Louis Armstrong
With the snake, its just the reaction to the lemon dill sauce that causes the twithcing.

Caminante Nocturno
I want my food to stare at me with accusing eyes.
Can anyone verify if this is China? I mean it SEEMS very Chinese but in fairness I didn't want to assume.
That is definitely Chinese. And that sounds like Northern Mandarin to my untrained ears. Could be Beijingese but I'm not gonna say yes it is or no it isn't.

So, yes, it's China.

I wanna say its Cantonese

Probably mostly because of all the horrifying food

It's Szechwan!

The little Chinese diddy in the background makes it sound like it could be such a fun little exhibition to go see.

Fuck it, I'd eat them. Couldn't be worst than fried Beijing scorpion or live Busan squid. Then again, nothing could, those tasted like evil.
you sure eat a lot of crazy things

I think I've just gone vegan.
Why are chefs so horrible to fish? Are fish more ill-tempered than other animals? The snake got its head lopped off immediately.
I think its because snakes have poisonous fangs

Sudan no1
everyone knows fish don't feel pain.

in before sea kittens.

La Loco
Godless commies!
El Loco.
La Loca.
Unless you are a mexican tranny your name is wrong.

Dinkin Flicka
I think that you and Bertrand Russell would have some disagreements, Mr. theSnake

Big Beef Burritos Supreme
The suffering improves the flavor.
This is the worst thing.

Fuck you simon666 for showing this to me. Here is your stars and fuck you.

Fucking Chinese.
Mike Tyson?!
This is terrible!!
I got the opportunity to eat live shrimp once, and got all excited. But in the end it was very dull. They took the shell off and the tail just kind of kept waggling a little. I felt let down by the lack of obvious struggle. And yet it was the most delicious dish. Having tasted the flavor of dying, I crave more. Maybe the writhing of the snake will be enough to sate me. I must know.
I like how he scaled the fish and cut it deeply several times while it was still alive, and then poured a tasteful chunky sauce on it as it went into shock and twitched.
GAH! salsa in the gills
"I can't breathe salsa! I CAN'T BREATHE SALSA!!!"

Binro the Heretic
Every time I see things like this, it convinces me people in east asian cultures lack empathy circuits in their brain.

The vietnamese do equally horrible things to practically any creatures that happen to cross their path. The japanese enjoy their fish so fresh it still wriggles around. Koreans like to nosh on live octopus.

How dead inside do you have to be to remain utterly indifferent to the pain of an animal that is SITTING RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU ON YOUR GOD-DAMNED DINNER PLATE?
Dinkin Flicka
Given the way most animals are treated in life and death in the American meat industry, I'd say a lot of people have the empathy circuits shut off when eating really dead animals.

Binro the Heretic
No, fuck you. Yes, the way the meat industry treats animals is wrong and should be changed, but there's a big difference between being able to sit down eat a pork chop and being able to sit down and eat a fish whose head is STILL ALIVE and GASPING FOR OXYGEN while the body it's STILL ATTACHED TO has been DEEP FRIED.

I think the only difference there is exactly *who* has their empathy circuits fried (i.e. the butcher or the consumer).

Nonetheless, I loves me some meats, be they from Japan or the slaughterhouses of the United Statesian countryside

Oh, fuck off racist.

People do nasty things.

Sudan no1
hooooooooooly shit, binro. I didn't know you were this ignorant. (and that's saying something)

Y'ever think about how Asians have entire religions based around not harming animals?


Meatsack Jones
Sea Kittens are better when they are still metabolizing love within their tissue.
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