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Desc:A excellent video that features a lot of Wesley's art
Category:Arts, News & Politics
Tags:wesley willis, Running my inkpen
Submitted:Jack Dalton
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Comment count is 5
citrusmirakel - 2009-02-21
You know, from his drawings, one could be lead to believe that Mister Willis had some emotional disorders.
Jack Dalton - 2009-02-21
I submitted this because I am a huge Wesley Willis fan. I personally think his brilliance is misunderstood and all to often dismissed-- and I genuinely like some of his art.

You might notice the background music is not from a Casio. Wesley had a band called "The Wesley Willis Fiasco." He would occasionally have fairly severe schizophrenic episodes on the tour bus, so that project didn't last very long. But they did release at least one album.
simon666 - 2009-02-21
Would you mind explaining his "brilliance" then? I enjoy Wesley Willis as much as the next guy, but I'll tell you what, it's not because I think he's brilliant. I have a hard time seeing his "unusual mental keenness and alertness."

Jack Dalton - 2009-02-21
The guy wanted to be a rockstar and cut hundreds of albums, each one made under a few hours. He wrote ridiculous, sometimes catchy music. I'm sure he saw the humor in his music-- I don't think he cared it followed the same repetitive formula. It was like he was living in his own crazy reality-- and yes, it was probably a consequence of mental illness. But it's not hard to admire his life, and that despite his problems, he lived his dreams to some extent. Maybe brilliance isn't the right word, but you can't deny he was creative, even clever, in his music and art.

Cap'n Profan!ty - 2009-02-21
Wesley Willis had more than a modicum of talent, but it was filtered through this amazing lens of crazy busted up that produced something totally unique. He whupped batman's ass, indeed.
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