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Desc:Now you can star in an episode of Dora the Explorer
Category:Classic TV Clips, Horror
Tags:Dora the Explorer, attention whore
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Comment count is 12
I am in no way a "good old days"-er for 80's cartoons, but were the voices ever that SHRILL?
dr tits
dora is by no means an 80's cartoon show, please.

this does sort of horrifyingly remind me of these books we had as kids where there was a hole in the middle of each page and your picture was pasted in the back so that you were a character in the book... same sort of creepy-detached-head scenario

Why are Libby's hands... um... never mind.

Yeah these things are always shouting for some reason.
I'm sending them a photo of my child's ass.

"It's that simple."
I was hoping this would be personalized for Cena_mark.

That would be worth a few more stars.

For thirty bucks or whatever, you can do that.

In fact, I'd be willing to take up a collection to get "CENA MARK" a special Dora the Explorer birthday video.

(no, I wouldn't.)

We totally should. Someone start a paypal account.


Either that, or we can just get Fluffy to do it. he seems ot have the necessary skill set.

Now here comes my close friend ... MISTER BLACK.
I want all you kids to listen to ... MISTER BLACK.
Is her favorite book magazines?
Congratulations [[GLEN BECK'S RETARDED KID]] you did it! You really did it!
I love the way the music cuts out for the name.

Imagine sending in a picture of some hideously deformed child gathered from the internet, they'd have to do it out of non-mongo guilt.
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