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Desc:I'm not sure what's going on here. I think at least three of them might be sisters
Category:Fashion, Horror
Tags:Amateur, incompetent, 16 year old girls, not The Shaggs, not The Runaways
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Crossposted from 73Q by request.
This has brought me a thousand times more pleasure than the Donnas, but 49% less pleasure than the Runaways.
Spike Jonez
Something awful this way comes.
Drummer was sadly the most competent member of this band.
the shot of her grimacing quietly at the rest of the band is the apex.

Sparkle Motion was better before they started playing punk.
thank you for posting this here.
Goethe and ernie
At about 25-30 seconds it sounds just like Cactus by the Pixies.
Is this a cover or an original?
Both and neither.

I get the feeling communication isn't Hypercolor's strong suit.
Not as good as the drummer's hair would lead you to believe.
Her mom worked REALLY hard on that, okay.

Syd Midnight
Someday hopefully one of them will hear a punk album and then they'll rule
I submit the last 25 years of "punk" as a counterargument.

If they were a little more intentionally pissed-off shitty, this could be pretty fucking great. Garage punk instrumentals with girl singers in three-part harmony? There's a new idea.
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