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Desc:What happens when your TV goes out right before the Super Bowl...and you're Christian?
Category:Religious, Humor
Tags:Superbowl, football, christians, white people
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Comment count is 12
Oh, yeah, I prayed over my blown-out graphics card, and then god answered my prayer by making it possible for me to run out, plop down 200 bucks, attempt to install it, find that the power coupling was too short, run out again to buy an extender, find that I had forgotten my wallet, run back for the wallet, pick up the extender, and install the new graphics card!

The power of prayer!
What is this?

No seriously, what is this? Is it supposed to be educational? Entertaining? To what purpose did someone assemble the worst fake-actors in the world to sit around and agree with each other loudly?

I just... it's... I... you know....
My thoughts exactly.

it's educational! Each kid represents a christian virtue (not a big-v catholic Virtue)

Hopefully, God will be just as generous when you ass-hats are dieing of cancer.
Caminante Nocturno
Christian actors attempting to portray people having fun.

Oh, gosh.
The dude just pressed the power button instead of the volume controls. Why did no one think to press the power button again?
Muddy Mae Suggins
Needs an ACTING! tag
Lauritz Melchior
I expected it to be some Jesus person talking about how they lost power during the superbowl. When they found out that porn was shown during the game, however, they realized how the power outage was really an act of god.
I was expecting the same thing. God intervened to make sure they didn't have to see floppy man dong.

This video is better though. I was thrown back when they mentioned a website, because they are all dressed like it's the 80s and it seems to have been recorded on a scratchy VHS tape.

Hey guys let's learn something about this experience and maybe it can deepen our faith and teach us abou.....Oh SHIT ANOTHER TV FUCK YES TURN ON THE GAME.
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