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Desc:MIDI White Snake, Stamos, a well-oiled lady. Forbidden fruit.
Category:Short Films, Humor
Tags:fruit, passion, what, stamos, white snake
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Comment count is 14

Semi-NSFW for very brief lady ta.

It's like he keeps going back into the building to change his game up but he's even more of a dork every time he comes back.

The lady is 80's R&B sensation "Vanity," I just found out. Though its not really worth a tag.

I thought so!

First Vanity 6 album is EXCELLENT

Between this and The Last Dragon, Vanity was in THE BEST MOVIES.

I wish I could find one of her mid-80's appearances on Soul Train, after she left Vanity 6. It's a total train wreck because she sang and danced like she was being paid in cocaine and she looked like an anorexic call girl.

Vanity rocked! She might be a born again Christian now, but you know every once in awhile she sees an old appearance of hers on TV and then looks in the mirror thinking, "I fucking owned that shit!"

What is a stamos?

A stamos is the man-part of a flower.

I like how he's trying to impress a lady, but he's still going to follow the five-second rule. Classy. I now see what Rebeca Romijn saw in him.

Between this and the other clip on here, I really have to see this movie soon.

Since then, Stamos has really stepped his game up. Here he is showing a man with Williams Syndrome the ropes:


Everyone deserves to have Stamos as their wingman.
Innocent Bystander
And just when he's about to get down to it, they get stuck in a time loop. Great!
No, that is how TV's John Stamos makes love.

Lauritz Melchior
Is this the '80s?
Spike Jonez
This was deliberate. Five stars.

This is the worst beer commercial ever, though it does make me want to drink.
5 stars because I used this exact same MIDI file some half assed doom WAD when i was like 13. I also used Land Down Under for a map of my house. Im not Australian, it just seemed like a good idea when I was 13.
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