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Desc:Run faster, doggy!
Category:Pets & Animals, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:dog, torture, alligator, pool toy
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Comment count is 12
one time these kids tied some tin cans to a cat's tail, that was pretty cool.
Walt Henderson
I love dogs. This was still funny.

Yeah, this kind of crap isn't funny. I've seen animals get really hurt because things were tied to them.

La Loco
The altruist in me is sickened. The sadist is laughing his ass off.

the dog had ear mites

ear mites? are you still here?

metaphor for life
During the first viewing I thought the blue-green area was a pool and the dog was so scared he ran across water.
Five stars for the guy running after the dog, thinking, "Wow, maybe this wasn't such a good idea."
Five stars for the slow-mo, as if this were some life-threatening accident.
Any time something stupid+funny happens on the internet it requires a slow-mo replay. It's a law.

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