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Desc:I know he's a psychotic super-intelligent chimp, but was that really necessary?
Category:Arts, Trailers
Tags:lawnmower man, cyboman, pierce bronson, chimp week?
Submitted:Jack Dalton
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Jeff Fries
Here's what I remember about this movie: that the guy playing the Lawnmower Man was the goofiest looking human being in film history. Long hair, pink long-sleeved shirt, overalls: he looked like a supporting character on Today's Special. And I now see it's Jeff Fahey, who doesn't even get a tag.
He looks like a cross between Jeff Daniels is Dumb and Dumber and Ben Stiller playing Simple Jack

See? This is why we don't give hyper-intelligent cyberchimps prescription Xanax.

When will we ever learn?
The Cybermen just keep getting dumber looking.
I bet this is where Todd McFarlaine got his idea for "Cy-Gor."

And by "idea" I mean "brain aneurysm."
La Loco
This comment made the comic nerd in me lulz.

Cap'n Profan!ty
Now who will they get to write the next stimulus bill?!?

La Loco
OMG, Obama reminds me of a chimp too. Because he's black.

http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2009/feb/18/new-york-post-cartoon- race

I only remember the one guy having cool ass video games. I don't remember the chimp cos-playing as Robocop.

This was one of the more entertaining parts of the movie, however the cherry on top was at 0:28 where Pierce Brosnan pays homage to Captain Kirk with that incredibly cheesy kick.
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