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Desc:A long haired Ironside tries to sell you beer that may have dark powers.
Tags:beer, lightning, michael ironside
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Comment count is 10
Holy shit there was a tie-in beer to Highlander 2?
Is this because Canadians love Highlander? Is that because Canadians have sad, lonely lives?

Do not dis anything that has to do with this video, please.

Ms. Vonscarlet
Is that Ministry I hear in the background?
It's the beer for the New World Order.

They had to recall Maximum Ice after all those people's heads exploded.
Oh WOW! :D

I remember this commercial as a kid.

I remember thinking it was completely normal to see some creepy long haired guy standing on top of a hill on a thunderstorm, talking about beer.

Man, this is why Canada is awesome.

I just imagine advertising execs back in the 90s wanting to tap into the flannel with band shirt wearing, long-haired possibly moustache wearing, pot smoking, metal-head Canadian demographic.

Look up any kids in the hall skit featuring the character Bauer or any of Bruce McCullough's obnoxious characters and you'd know their target market.
I would buy beer from a scanner dressed like a warlock. This scanner more so.
Baby Finster
In the early 90's, Molson and Labatt had a little war about who could make the strongest beer and still be allowed to legally call it "beer".

I think Max Ice was 7.5%. You could feel the hangover coming on while you were drinking it.
They still sell Molson XXX in US stores, so I guess that means Labatt lost. Another fun anecdote is that Labatt Ice is stocked with the malt liquor, and is often cheaper than Labatt Blue.

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