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Desc:Also note that the YouTube title is "Best of Joker". Blech...
Category:Accidents & Explosions, Horror
Tags:joker, the batman, god awful
Submitted:Prickly Pete
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Comment count is 16
Louis Armstrong
Joker dracula.
This show had a weird insistence that the Joker never, ever, ever should have "the" in front of his name. It was always just "Joker." The same was true for everyone else who had a "the" in their name, (Penguin, Riddler, etc.)

Meanwhile, Batman was ALWAYS called "The Batman."

Also this show was incredibly terrible.
It's probably because they knew their cartoon was pointless given Paul Dini's cartoon. So they tried to make it different. And instead they made it horrible. I like that they even had a worthless clone of The Harley Quinn.

B. Weed
There was one scene with The Batman's version of Quinn (in an ep written by Paul Dini) I liked in spite of myself-- a sendup of the "musical romantic montage" featuring a good Hank Williams Sr. song and a squirrel-poisoning joke that Dini'd probably wanted to use in the original BTAS if not for that era's tougher BS&P.

0:34-0:39 - Where in the World is Joker Sandiego?
This Joker's trying way too hard
Yeah. Pretty much. Don't care. Bye.
You know, when you're too apathetic about this to contribute an interesting comment, consider not saying anything

Why is he so awful here? He was so funny as Jolee Bindo.
This show is terrible.
That wasn't very fun to watch.
Rodents of Unusual Size
Why do they look like anime. I can't think of a way to ruin Batman more.
Because originality died off sometime this decade.

I'm not saying the joker can't be a black guy.

I'm just saying it can't be Kevin Michael richardson.

4 for horrible
This was awful in every way, shape and form.
I could imagine Yakko Warner delivering most of Joker's lines.
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