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Desc:Homer's 35 most painful moments in one convenient flashback
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:the simpsons, Homer Simpson, Painful Moments
Submitted:Jimmy The Headless Frog Boy
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Comment count is 21
Should've been seasons 10-20 amirite lol
Hulu sucks fuck hulu lol

There. Those are out of the way.
yeah, phuck hulu's xenophobia.
I'm on the same landmass as them! Why can't they let me watch it!

Some Canadian company probably does have the rights to do this, they just can't be bothered. (i.e. they think it would be unprofitable and they are probably right)

Jeff Fries
You act like it's Hulu and not Canada that is a horrible fascist state

The same reason that Showcase wont let us down in the US view trailer park boys from their site.

Singing Penis
i like hulu
Prickly Pete
...do the Halloween ones go in the same (thin) continuity?

O well, 5 stars anyway
Corman's Inferno
Who cares at this point? The Simpsons live in some sort of bizarre time paradox that constantly keeps them the same age.

Goethe and ernie
For more information on Hulu's national availability ONE STAR FOR YOU
Louis Armstrong
Some where good, but they are missing the two key greatest injurys to Homer

Homer falls asleep with his head in line with the Kwikie mart doors.

Homers crotch takes a beating from multiple hills while skiing and cursing "stupd sexy flanders".

simpsons relying on Simpsons nostalgia for laughs. Oh god someone put this beast out of its misery.

Frank Rizzo
no advertisements, hulu is fine by me when thats the case.

the 50,000 homers falling down the cliff confused the shit balls out of me. I must have missed that episode.
It was a Halloween ep. Homer obtains a cloning device, hijinks ensue.

Pain is still funny without context
Finger Paints
Fuck Hulu.
It's missing my favorite from when he fights Bart's "Big Brother" and ends up bent-over backwards over a fire hydrant.
yeah I was fully expecting the "this hurts even worse than it looks" moment from that

Ironically, Homer spends the episode trying to keep OTHER people from getting hurt. Eventually he accidentally stabs Mr. Burns in the head.
Robin Kestrel
I will say it: this season of the Simpsons has actually been pretty good. Easily the best in at least the last five years, though I know that's not saying much.
None of him failing to go over Springfield Gorge on a skateboard, either - that may be the single most classic homer injury moment ever.
Prickly Pete
I was also expecting the badger ripping open his chest, exposing his intrails...
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