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Desc:A reminder and a reassurance.
Category:News & Politics, Educational
Tags:rebellion, Constitution, marines, america, ron paul
Submitted:Grace Mugabe
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Comment count is 14
the extent of the conservative victim complex is hilarious
also "vaccinations known to cause autism"? does he understand that "known" means "scientifically proven" and not "heard on the internet"?

If I hear it from two places on the internet and have some anecdotal evidence, it must be true!


oh god braveheart music
the last of mohicans actually

semper fi and freedom fries
I thought this was a joke at first. Also yeah it's a really big deal that lots of states are declaring sovereignty. Huge deal. Really. Just... just keep doing that.

I love this guy's melodramatic rhetoric over--what exactly? I bet he didn't get this pissed off about the Patriot Act.
I'm actually not sure what he's pissed off about. My assumption is Obama, but what specifically has Obama done in the one and a half months he's been president to get this guy going about the government infringing on his rights? Is he suggesting that being on the losing side of a democratic election means democracy doesn't work?

Also why the hell do these retards always go on about "it's a REPUBLIC not a DEMOCRACY"? Those two concepts aren't mutually exclusive. Our Republic is a form of Liberal Democracy.

Every time someone brings up that whole "republic not a democracy", you can just FEEL them yearning for marching columns of Roman troops with eagle banners.

Hmmm....what other western country was known for being into those things?

Darth Malak called. He wants his oxygen mask back.
"Patriotism is the virtue of the vicious"
What is this white male so angry about? Pussy.
So where did all the "love it or leave it" losers go? I think I liked them better.
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