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Desc:'For about 1900 swedish crowns (around 0) an hour, you get a 'standard squashing' by Patty.
Category:Horror, Horror
Tags:fat, body horror, ssbbw, pannus, fatty patty
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Comment count is 17
Thank you, Sweeden, for making me feel a bit better about being an American...

...and that large order of fries I had with lunch.
Unfortunately, I think they still may be American. There's no hint of an accent anywhere.

Midnight Man
The program is swedish. The subject is American. This is swedes laughing at you.

The entire episode was basically this, with every woman explaining profusely that she wasn't a prostitute. Their rationale was pretty much that it was non-sexual, since these bikini-clad juggernauts just sat on men (who routinely screamed "yeeahhhh" and then went off masturbating in the bathroom). Also, they did this for a living.

The Townleybomb
That was exactly the voice I expected to come out of that.
The oily rumble of chicken bones tumbling around the throat in a light coat of pizzas and burritos?

Something about the way this one cuts off at the end just makes me laugh for about a minute straight.
Wonko the Sane
it's like a half naked oompa loompa
Rodents of Unusual Size
This is why the terrorists should WIN.
suddenly I don't feel so bad about paying for sex!
If you're paying 0 an hour, then you should be pretty proud of it, I'd say.

was that a pot pie resting on her stomach?

I kind of want to feed it too. Is that weird?
Rodents of Unusual Size
I think after a certain weight, humans become like the giant seal people talked about in Galapagos. So...I guess not.

I guess the question is:

Is your urge strong enough to PAY money to have a chance to feed it?

"A standard squashing"...

So she is the size of a car wash and she renders her services in their lingo as well.

Makes sense.
Eww gross

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