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Desc:My little girl is gonna get some.
Submitted:Daniel Striped Tiger
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Comment count is 8
wait i don't get it

does peta want us to spay and neuter our children or wait until cats have reached emotional maturity until we allow them to breed?
Dinkin Flicka
I think it fails as an analogy and I don't think their conclusion follows from their argument.

I'm left with no choice but to interpret that PETA wants both.

Your interpretation is entirely accurate in my opinion.

I got it.

Walt Henderson
What about the sea kittens? Should we neuter them too?
Prickly Pete
So the moral is that we should treat our pets like we treat our children. That's how you end up with your face ripped off, courtesey of Travis the chimpanzee.
PETA: humans and animals are exactly the same in all ways

although I do agree that you should spay and neuter your pets, but not because to no do so would be like encouraging a teenage girl to be a whore
-1 for dashing my hopes for seeing a threesome.
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