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Desc:Seems unusually listless, unfocused.
Category:News & Politics, Crime
Tags:fox news, marijuana, glenn beck, legalization, Rob Campi
Submitted:Space Helicopter
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Comment count is 22
Glenn Beck reminds me of some of the dumb ass frat boys I sold pot to in college.

"I have two brain cells" yea no shit.

I like how he cuts his guest off just as he's making his most compelling and relevant argument.
My ass he's a libertarian. Although I believe him when he says he has two brain cells.
He ain't a Libertarian, like me. I'm a Libertarian and I'm down with dope.
He's such a retard saying "Pot will tear your lungs up."
I hate Glen Beck.

Libertarian is the new trend word. Most people that you hear actively spouting off that they're libertarian, like Glenn Beck, Bill O'Reilly, Dennis Miller, Cena_mark, etc. are just embarrassed Republicans or mindless Randroids.

And before anyone jumps on me, I don't identify myself as libertarian and have little respect for the ideas.

That should actually be and/or. I certainly don't want to imply that embarrassed Republicans can't also be mindless Randroids, or vice-versa.

Glenn Beck, I love you. Thirty years from now in psychology classes they'll be showing clips of your TV show circa 2008-09 to show a man slowly going insane. It's the 21st-century equivalent of Louis Wain's cat paintings!
Jack Dalton
Ladies and gentlemen, Glen Beck is but a cautionary tale of how alcoholism can destroy your capacity to make reasonable and coherent arguments. It is incredibly tragic. While he'll never get those brain cells back, I take comfort knowing his incompetence is well-compensated at Fox News.
Frank Rizzo
fuck I hate Glenn Beck.

such an uninformed smarmy little fuck, people in new york smoking weed next to cops? yeah ok chief...

how does like him get his own show?
There's this website called Youtube. It's kind of like poeTV, but with a bigger selection, and you'd probably fit in a little better there.

All I'm saying is that you might want to check it out.

People in New York don't smoke weed next to cops? Happens in Boston pretty regularly, and the worst thing I've heard of them doing is making a friend of mine finish his joint across the street.

You're falling behind again, New York.

Of course this only works if you're white, but that's true everywhere.

CA Wants to do what ?
Got brownies ?

The cartoon bobblehead helps me follow along !
Thanks, cartoon bobblehead.
I'm giving this five just so his stupidity can stay in the limelight. I don't think his attempt to trap him with the "no health care for you weed junkies and heroin addicts" could have been more obvious if he had stuck it under a box that was held open with one flimsy branch.
is glenn beck a character played by darrel hammond?
i don't have cable.
Jeff Fries
Jim Cramer, Keith Olbermann, Glenn Beck, how many middle-aged guys are there on cable networks acting like fucking clowns
not enough apparently

Dinkin Flicka
Positively unclear on what Glenn Beck's position actually is. Positively in love with the face Glenn Beck's guest makes while listening to Glenn Beck speak.
All of these stars are for the cartoon guy smoking dope in the corner. Are you fucking kidding.
Corman's Inferno

I refute your talking point with cookies! Check and mate, motherfucker!


"We're out of money! Quick!! Let's sell pot!!"

Um, it's worked for college students for decades, so yeah.
His facial expressions don't even begin to sync up with the conversation. This makes me wonder if Glenn Beck could have passed a field sobriety test while doing this segment.
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