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Desc:'I'm not going to apologize for my biological imperative which is to find a woman and BREED with her
Category:Horror, Fashion
Tags:sex, angst, true forced loneliness, spikebravo, ChristBravo
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Comment count is 19
I laughed out loud when he was talking about trying to pick up women for sex with pick-up lines and then, in the same breath, says that women are shallow.
wtf japan
Dear Homunculus P. Sourvictuals,

Get off your ass. Get a real job. Work hard. Make Money. Then shallow women will like you. You don't deserve anything better than a shallow woman, and I suspect that you'd be more than satisfied with one anyway.

wtf Japan

'I'm doing the same things he was doing, but he picked up girls and I didn't!'

No, you weren't.

I like the basket chair he has hanging on his wall, very escher-esk. Also... Gennnnetaliaaaaaa
Hahaha objectivists are losers.
wtf japan
Yeah, why is it that they're always nauseatingly weak, pitiful people who would immediately be culled if their dreams were realized? Don't get it.

They think they would succeed in such a situation. Because they're delusional egotists.

This is how you sound when you have balls in your mouth.
Destined to die alone.

GOD I have to fuck with this guy some more. I almost felt guilty about it and now I feel I didn't do enough.
wtf japan
He just wants someone, ANYONE to touch him, baleen. Won't you be that someone once again?

What happened to your account exactly?

He's already blocked me.

America's prostitutes agree: Whatever price he offers to pay, it's not enough.
Mike Jordan
Intelligent conversation mid-coitus is what I find most attractive in a woman too!

I feel bad for him though. What would he be left with if he wasn't able to rationalize reality in a way that allows him a modicum of self-worth?
Sudan no1
I eagerly await his acceptance into the TFL counter-illuminati strike force.
karl hungus
huzzah! it's toni colette with a goatee!
That's it. I am now a lesbian. I am going to run away with Rachel Maddow and every now and again we will have a threesome with Kat Kora so she can make us breakfast.

Yep, that's the plan.
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