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Desc:Is that all you've got, you vexatious queef?
Category:Video Games, Humor
Tags:Rap, final fantasy, Duane and Brando
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Comment count is 17
Fucking long!

Great shit, still.

All the ladies call him lucky cause he's magically delicious.

Space Helicopter
I see good things in this man's future, 2,000 years in the past.
Nerd core
This isn't nerdcore, baleen, and an adult wrestling fan is really treading on thin ice when he criticizes nerdy things anyway.


should I have rated it five stars to hide myself from myself?

Have you been blacking out, baleen? Are there long stretches of time left unaccounted for? Has white and black face paint turned up, inexplicably, in your bathroom?

Are there extremely shallow nicks on your wrists?

You can't hide from your mind much longer!

I didn't like it at first, but it rocked my shit by the end. Magnificent.
Minus one for being a bit too long, and not working WarMech in there.
Foolish Motorcycle Accident
that is dogshit
It was alright, and at the same time I wonder if my life will be any richer for having sat through the whole thing.
Someone explain to me how this is not awful in the exact same way that the Mario RPG Forest Maze Rap is awful, and I will refrain from 1 starring it.
Better lyrics. Funnier. Interesting use of the original art as opposed to janky flash animation. Better music. Cool retro feel. I dunno, I just like it better. Maybe you just had to be there. In the 80s. Playing Final Fantasy.

fuck this. i let the megaman one slide.
You are half of a bitch.

Not even a whole bitch.

Just half of one.

So I really didn't want to like this, but I did.
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