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Desc:Chimpanzees in the Congo were recently recorded using a new kind of tool to scoop up termites.
Category:Pets & Animals, Science & Technology
Tags:Chimp, chimpanzee, termites, chimps, tool use
Submitted:Clever Name
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Comment count is 13
As narrated by David Cross' dorkier brother.
I don't understand how you can watch something like this and then deny the existence of evolution.
Oh they'll find a way.

Clearly Satan possessed these chimps to do this to sway people into believing the devil-lie of evolution.

Their argument would be more praising of God. God designed the chimps to learn, but it took them 6,000 years to learn that.

Innocent Bystander
Hate to be a dick, but how exactly does this act as evidence for a species developing into an entirely new species?

It's not. It's (more) evidence that humans and chimps are closely related.

Really it's more evidence for social evolution than biological evolution but it does show more evidence of the cognitive abilities of chimps.

I'll believe chimps are closely related to humans when I see one able to fap with his right hand and type with his left at the same time

Isn't that just fapping with both hands?

Stupid Lisa Garbage Face
Nobody denies the evolution of brooms

Next they'll be forming rudimentary firearms from feces and vines. Our days are numbered.
Goofy Gorilla
It's been theorized that the reason man is the only surviving hominina species is that whenever ancient man observed a different species expressing complex communication with one another they tried to kill as many of that species as possible until extinction. I have to admit, if these chimps started signing to each other and pointing at the camera, my first impulse would probably be to kill them.

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