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Desc:More Cramer vs. Not Cramer.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:Jon Stewart, Daily Show, Jim Cramer, CNBC, cramer vs not cramer
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Comment count is 14
Spike Jonez
It's Stewart, jackass.

Hooray for the pendejos!
I submitted just before bed :(

Son of Slam
This keeps getting better and better.
This is the best thing to happen on TV in ages.
He makes a silly face and the audience has a pavlovian response.


hahahahahaha, you can't pick on a comedian, they're comeback will always be I'M A FREAKING COMEDIAN!

this little war of words is highly amusing. please, continue to take jon stewart really really seriously.
Could I love him more?
Without pitching a tent outside his house and sleeping among his garbage, I mean...
I'm pitching a tent RIGHT NOW.

In my back yard. I'm going to toast marshmallows and tell scary stories!

Also I have an erection.

oh and uh five stars

I love that our species has the ability and skill to spoof itself so well. There is hope for us yet.

oh and "white and bitter"...spit take on that one
white and bitter is going to be a new tag.

"He's a comEEEdian! He's a comEEEdian!!"

Even if you hadn't seen his show, you'd know from the way Cramer said that line, that he's a buffoon and entertainer. But unlike Stewart, he takes himself seriously. And also he's an unprincipled, arrogant, corrupt, idiot.
My mind still reels every time some right wing hack tries to take the piss out of Stewart, ALWAYS ALWAYS missing the central point which is that Stewart is NOT a serious news man, and when you get pulled into a dumb debate/pissing contest/whatever with something like the Daily Show you will always lose because YOU'RE supposed to be the real journalist, not Stewart. (not that I am criticizing the work the Daily Show has been doing).

This reminds me of that Mr. Show sketch where they have the talk show about the "issues" and it turns out the "issues" are just headlines cherry-picked from the monologues of comedians.
Caminante Nocturno
Never start a feud with someone who's guaranteed to not take it seriously. They will win by default.
Rodents of Unusual Size
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