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Desc:Stay on target... STAY ON TARGET.... damn.
Category:Pets & Animals, Horror
Tags:sex, elephants, surprise ending, Dutchbags
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Comment count is 13
The ending saved it. Were it clipped to the 10 seconds at the end, five stars.
I voted it down in the hopper seconds before the pay off. That'll learn me to rate before the video's done.

Lauritz Melchior
I remember reading somewhere that elephants have great muscular control over their penises to the degree that they can move and direct them at will.
What I'd give for that... think of the potential

Yeah, a lot of the more awkwardly shaped animals have that. Honestly I appreciate the ability to use hundreds of positions to a movable weener.

You would need to find a special lady who would not turn and run at the sight of a prehensile penis worming its way towards her.

What does one say to that?

5 stars for painting hawaii.

"it's a blue weiner"
that's funny in any language
Obviously a pornstar.
The only way this could be better is if the cameraman were caught in the rain of elephant semen.
Jaguar Wong
The elephant, the huge old beast,
is slow to mate;
he finds a female, they show no haste
they wait

for the sympathy in their vast shy hearts
slowly, slowly to rouse
as they loiter along the river-beds
and drink and browse

and dash in panic through the brake
of forest with the herd,
and sleep in massive silence, and wake
together, without a word.

So slowly the great hot elephant hearts
grow full of desire,
and the great beasts mate in secret at last,
hiding their fire.

Oldest they are and the wisest of beasts
so they know at last
how to wait for the loneliest of feasts
for the full repast.

They do not snatch, they do not tear;
their massive blood
moves as the moon-tides, near, more near
till they touch in flood.
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