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Desc:Video of a new WWII RTS game that seems to involve kung fu
Category:Video Games
Tags:video games, russia, WWII, kung fu
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Comment count is 12
Mission plan: get captured, let the Nazi's set up camp, escape, destroy nazis. Russia=The A Team.
Sneaky tank.
What the Germans didn't know was that Russia had Jackie Chan training their men.
Your Nazi kung fu is no good here
WW2 was f**kin' AWESOME!!! Least in this game...
Why can't all machinima be like this?
j lzrd / swift idiot
athodyd: Pirate Baby shouldn't get all the attention. Anyway yes this was bomb, more???
Stats show that more people were killed in ww2 by roundhouse kicks than small arms.
It wasn't the difference in manpower, industry, or technology that allowed the Russians to win WWI, but their superior kung fu.

Man I wish someone would make a mod of this for Combat Mission.
Cursed Egyptian Sex Toy
The game is called 'Second World'- strategy in real time. (vtoraya mirovaya, vitoraya mirovaya voyna is russian for second world war.) the company is 'FIRM 1C(c = s)'

The dude playing air guitar on a panzershreck makes this 5 stars

wait upon watching the whole thing I don't think its a real game, the credits say 'Author of idea, director, and animator, Viktor Gluhushin
Cursed Egyptian Sex Toy
correction, dual wielding concealed PPSH41's = 6 stars
j lzrd / swift idiot
How did I not favorite a rock 'n roll Nazi Germany VS Red Russia videogame machinima video~!?

Hammer Scythe Style Kung Fu will defeat your weak Heil Hitler Stance Jiu-Jitsu!
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