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Desc:Ten whole minutes of ACTING! Featues offensive stereotyping and other stupid.
Category:Video Games, Humor
Tags:resident evil, House of the Dead, voice acting, ACTING!
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Comment count is 13
too long, but still funny.
Most gratuitous trombone shot ever.
"You don't have anything to worry aboot, Jill!"

Boots? Teldin? WHO IS IT?
7 minutes.

GOLDMAN! indeed.
Iron Xides
Most of these were just boring, rather than entertainingly bad.
-1 star for poor editing. Don't show us Dante's whole gay speech. We all came to hear "FILL YOUR DARK SOUL WITH LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!" so give us that and move on.

But god, the last boss speech in House of the Dead is pure gold.
Wonko the Sane
not surprisingly, these are all nip games
Eroticus E
This was two stars until the last one. Wow.
Caminante Nocturno
5 stars because I'd never heard of Deep Fear until now.
No Deus Ex?
a flaming monkey
They needed some dialogue scenes from Dynasty Warriors.
a flaming monkey
But RE always gets 5 from me.

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