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Desc:Leoncie ventures into complex narrative stylings.
Category:Humor, Fashion
Tags:sex, crazy, Cops, IcySpicyLeoncie, bang them
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Comment count is 14
That's my mom.
The music, lyrics, the grin, the dancing, the costumes, the wigs. Everything this woman(?) does is perfect.
Modern Angel
Holy fuck her bio
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that in my list.

It took two songs for me to become a fan. Hear that, Billboard?
Sudan no1
already on 73q


lucky for you I am unable to downvote Leoncie cuz she's awesome.


In fairness these two systems do not compute with each other.
I am always frazzled between submitting something on its music video merits and its haha exhibit merits.
I usually decide to put it here because I think its funniness\kookiness is more interesting than the musical side.

I don't know. Fuck it. I have almost submitted a thousand videos to this whorehouse. I can do whatever the fuck I want, let God\Chet sort it out.

Gamara II
Don't worry baleen, you did the right thing, rest assured.

Fuckin' thief.

Jeff Fries
A sexma'am feelm
fucking hooked
Rodents of Unusual Size
This woman is the essence of every woman who walks the streets of Hollywood in this day and age convinced that her place in the world is to be a star.
Testicles of Doom
More. Must have more!!
uh, it won't let me update the dead link but, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LzjHDJpzvI4
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