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Desc:A sobering response from the defaced t.v. clown.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:Clips of the damned
Submitted:James Woods
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Comment count is 24
Stewart: also an Ivy League stock-broker (67-73) turned entertainer.

I'm hoping for another "Fuck you" from Jon Stewart.
That's totally not Stewart's style. He puts the knife in the heart and then leaves, he doesn't bother stabbing repeatedly.

His piece has been said.

That money, it be mad!
Is it just me or is no video showing on this page?
Louis Armstrong
no video is showing. I must do work to find this now. BARNACLES!!!

Clever Name
I didn't see it until I allowed spikedhumor.com in NoScript.

Caminante Nocturno
Lessons Learned: 0
Cap'n Profan!ty
Douches Being Douchy Like Before: 1
like most mornings after that you regret, he just wants to move on and hopes no one noticed
http://www.spikedhumor.com/player/vcplayer.swf?file=http://www.spi kedhumor.com/videocodes/177077/data.xml&auto_play=false

There's the video.
What? You mean Jim Cramer is a cartoon character who is going to continue being a cartoon character despite one man's efforts to convince him otherwise?

I can't even blame the guy. His audience tunes in to see him be the Finance Clown, and by god, they're going to get Finance Clown.
Business as usual = Back to the delusion.

Remember when Caminante Nocturno commented,

"Moments of lucidity must, now and again, creep into their minds. Those moments must be like Hell."

That was cool.

He just stole that from some anime.

Frank Rizzo
His denial of the brutal ass raping bings a smile to my face.
Jim Cramer ruined his reputation the day the picked Obama for the presidency. I won't take financial advice from anyone who voted for an Anti-capitalist like Obama.
Innocent Bystander
Dude, I hear ya.

I mean how can someone look at what's happening right now in the world and tell me that anything bad could ever result from free-market capitalism?

James Woods
I'm new here. You're a troll right? You don't really believe what you're saying do you?

I'm amazed he didn't buy into the McCain/Palin miracle of presidency potential. If we only had those two in charge now, oh what a nation we'd be.

@James: http://www.poetv.com/video.php?vid=47031

That should answer your question (while raising so many more ...)

Fuck you, Cramer. I was actually interested to hear your honest response to being called out. I mean it was weird that you were fake crying but I still figured you'd have something legitimate to say.

I'm sure you've done a lot more insider trading than the "Stewart" in that clip, so why the fuck aren't you also in jail?
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