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Desc:Todd Glass and Jimmy Dore have had it with your shit
Category:Humor, Educational
Tags:bottle, iced tea, sales, todd glass, jimmy dore
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I imagine that these two sat down one night over a few beers and started writing notes on a sketch pad. One of them suggested doing something funny, the other one suggested they do this, so they played a game of paper-rock-scissors and it was decided they do this.
yeah, conservative whiteguy humor at its best
So they don't like joggers, girls or people who talk. Sounds just like everyone else on poeTV.
Caminante Nocturno
But I like girls!

Online Sketch Comedy: Pit of Despair
Robin Kestrel
The part where Todd makes a face at the waitress mocking Jimmy's girly drink before ordering the same made me laugh. The rest, not so much. -1 star for half the video being credits over outtakes.
if this video was presented ironically i think i would have 5-starred it

just who is the real puppet here
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