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Desc:A little ditty spliced together from Limbaugh sound bites.
Category:Humor, News & Politics
Tags:conservative, Rush Limbaugh, Im a nazi, face of a horses ass
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Comment count is 13
He's much worse than that.
Man Who Fights Like Woman
He's so bad, and yet this is so good.

This was fun.
I play TF2 with Dr. Profan!ty.

(I've heard this plenty.)
Cap'n Profan!ty
I think I only played this in full three times. The opening ditty, a dozen times or so.

New to me, and some refreshing honesty from Mr. Limbaugh for once

Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter are the original trolls, and I hate to see smart people continuously fall for their IRL trolling.
Smart people care because so many more stupid people take him even more seriously

Heard this a year or so on the radio...it's been in my head ever since. Rush has never sounded so good!
*year or so ago

Five stars just for the editing skills required to string this thing together. (Also, the time someone had to spend actually listening to Rush Limbaugh to gather all the clips.)

Wait a minute - WNNX-FM? This was done by the now-defunct alt rock station here in town? Christ, that makes it even better.
Not clever at all. Using single words has no more impact than an impersonator.
Looking at your submitted vids and the way you vote, Nithing, raises some interesting questions. Mostly, regarding your own submitted clips, do you actually believe them to be true (i.e. the "face of satan on the Obama seal" and so on)? If so, does it distress you that the rest of us find them so ludicrous?

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