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Desc:He still holds a grudge, but no longer wears a bowtie.
Category:News & Politics, Humor
Tags:Jon Stewart, CNN, Tucker Carlson, partisan hack, necktie
Submitted:Space Helicopter
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We're fucked as a country.
Lauritz Melchior
I would love to see an "irony" tag linked to the "partisan hack" tag, but "necktie" is more important.
Frank Rizzo

"Im the most bipartisan person I know!"
I like how jon stewart can say OVER AND FUCKING OVER AGAIN that "this song ain't about [cramer]", and somehow tucker still doesn't get it.
Ranma X.
"This is the fate of Lenny Bruce. And it will happen. You watch."

We all are, Tucker. We all are, you sniveling shitheel.

Tucker is hilariously bitter, and everyone else knows it.

Also, you can almost see the gears slipping in Tucker's head as he asks himself, "Why isn't bullshit working like it used to?"
Stewart has a great ability (with a great archive) to rip people apart with their own words. He doesn't press an opinion so much as expose contradictions.

Did he get Tucker fired from Crossfire? And did Tucker stop wearing the bowtie because of that ?
He swore never to wear the bowtie again, until the day Stewart was brought down.

From an article about Crossfire's cancellation and the new president of CNN Jonathan Klein:

"Mr. Klein specifically cited the criticism that the comedian Jon Stewart leveled at "Crossfire" when he was a guest on the program during the presidential campaign. Mr. Stewart said that ranting partisan political shows on cable were "hurting America." Mr. Klein said last night, "I agree wholeheartedly with Jon Stewart's overall premise." He said he believed that especially after the terror attacks on 9/11, viewers are interested in information, not opinion."

So it's not really Stewart's fault, he was just the person most visibly associated with recognizing Tucker's shortcomings.

Ever hear of a man named Tucker who wasn't a total fucking tool?
In his defense, Jon Stewart is a hack. However, he was a hack long before he was ever partisan.

Your name is Tucker, isn't it garcet71283?

Jon Stewart is the opposite of a hack. He can think and improvise as he speaks and does not rely on prewritten material. I guess you could call him gimmicky in that he just constantly calls people on bullshit then makes a face/noise/impression.

Consuela the Cuban Whore
"I would like somebody to have the stones to come out and say 'John Stewart is a pompous jerk, actually'."

LET THAT MAN BE YOU, TUCKER! Please! Have the STONES to take on the mighty political juggernaut that is JOHN STEWART! Kick him of his self-made pedestal. He has reigned over our intellects for far too long! WE CRY OUT FOR YOUR INTERVENTION!!!
Judging by all squealing, Tucker is still waiting for his stones to drop.

Tucker still thinks that shouting over everyone else is the same thing as making a point.

Also, that's a complete line of steaming bullshit that Stewart would never call out Obama. The episode right before the Cramer debate he did exactly that, in a segment on the pork spending.
stewart constantly rips on congressional dems when they do something stupid.

the thing is that republicans do much stupider things much more often and are hypocritical (on camera) much more often, which plays directly to The Daily Show format.

Ever since Stewart destroyed him and his terrible Crossfire show, Tucker has taken every chance he could to hate on the guy. Back when Tucker had his embarrassing MSNBC show, he would devote segments to dumping on Stewart and Colbert every time they were in the news -- no matter WHAT was going on with them, he would spin it as a negative and predict that their careers would soon be over, even when it was something the rest of the world clearly saw as a positive (such as Colbert's hosting of the White House press corps dinner.)

At the time, of course, Tucker's show was airing opposite Daily Show and Colbert. Tucker's ratings were pathetic, even for MSNBC, and now his show's dead.

The only thing anyone will ever remember Tucker Carlson for is getting his ass handed to him by Jon Stewart. Twice.
Tucker a pink tie is not much of an upgrade from a bow tie.

Tucker is saying what I've been saying for months. John Stewart has had his lips around the Obama pole for a long time. I used to like the Daily Show when he was an equal opportunity lampooner, but now he just sells a liberal agender. Stewart is a partisan hack no better than O'reilly or Olbermann.

BTW: John Stewart made a joke about Obama? How convenient for him to wait till after the election.

I have the stones to attack Stewart, let me at him.

I'm not trying to agree with Tucker, but he agrees with me. Anyone can vouch that I've been saying the same shit about John Stewart for months.

Oh yeah i forgot. At POETV disagreeing = Trolling. Sorry.

Very informative, thank you.

Good point, Cena. By that logic the rest of us don't agree with Obama, he agrees with poeTV.

At least until we get our own crappy TV show on MSNBC.

Caminante Nocturno
And then they cut to Carlson's face while they show a clip of Stewart slapping him around.
All that hurt and sadness and frustration at his own political impotence came RIGHT BACK in that moment. Dude looked like he got kicked square in the junk.

LJ TIME: I met Tucker Carlson very briefly when I worked in local news. He was giving a speech to a civic forum type thing, and I was sent down to get some footage. He was very polite, if obviously rushed, but he took time out to give the kid from the local network affiliate a quick interview, so I appreciate that. (Nothing major, just "What are you doing in town? What's your speech about? What would you tell the people here in town who missed your speech, if you had to sum things up?")

So clearly, he's a giant douchebag on TV, but he was very professional in my limited contact with him. I would go so far as to say that probably makes him a better person that Bill O'Reilly, who clearly and obviously treats his staff like shit.

(also: nicest Quasi-Famous Person I interviewed? Rudy Ray Moore. That was pretty much the highlight of my journalism career.)

Sudan no1
I know 'butthurt' is one of those annoying 4chan words, but what a butthurt faggot.
I have a parrot named Tucker, and she hates the Tucker Carlson as far as I can tell.

In other news, Stephanie Miller is my girl crush right behind Rachel Maddow.
Nice neck there, Tucker.
defeat on tv
the bowtie days are over
elusive revenge
Daddy's old money
Can't buy no love for Tucker
Jon Stewart kicks ass

There once was a hack named Tucker....

Dinkin Flicka
Who was well known to be a cocksucker...

I imagine poor Tucker in 30 years or so, sitting on the porch of the home in his wheelchair, muttering the name of Stewart while the jell-o drips down his shirt.
Absolutely great how the other guys don't agree with him and want to change topic, but Tucker is just obsessed.

Re: "It's not going to be funny anymore"...anyone seen his old standup? Same format back then. But he's sharpened it to a fine point over the years. They assume that it's an act, that he's as fake as they are. But Stewart's wit has always been derived from his sincerity. It does lead him to cover the parties a hair unevenly, but his most potent venom has always been reserved for the media, as it should be.

Stewart wasn't trying to be funny on Crossfire, he was being human. He was fed up. The guy does an interview every night on his own show, and he knows better than to just go off on someone without any hint of humor or apology. But he also knew just how badly they deserved it.
Also extra 10 stars for the Baltimore Sun guy, who very succinctly points out that this whole segment was another example of how conservatives try to paint all of the media as liberal and then get pissed off when they are in return portrayed as silly demagogues.
The last time Carlson called Stewart not funny, he lost a terribly one-sided debate (when he had help, by the way) and looked like a moron.

I like how it takes seven minutes for one of these sparkling geniuses to actually explain to Tucker Carlson what the Daily Show's bits last week were actually about. I'd like to see Carlson on the Daily Show. He should definitely go.
It's even crazier because he claims to have seen the Cramer interview but right at the start of it Stewart again makes very clear that what he took issue with was RS making the homeowners look like the bad guys when it was the cheering guys behind him who had (a) contributed to the current situation and (b) probably worked for companies getting government money as they screamed about conservative ideals.

In Carlson's mind Stewart has committed the only real crime in punditry, getting other pundits fired. Now Stewart seems to be doing it again to CNBC.

So Carlson gears up and goes into battle only his attacks make no sense. What Stewart is doing is undeniably laudable so Carlson can only roll his eyes and tell ridiculous lies. Usually other pundits would just laugh this off but for once Carlson is serious. For once there are real emotions behind his attacks. It could not be more pathetic.
"Nobody has the huevos to attack John Stewart"
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