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Desc:MAY BE CONSIDERED NSFW (despite no actual nudity)
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Crime
Tags:Anime, Japan, short and sweet, pedophile gay whore bathhouse
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Comment count is 9
For the love of christ, is NO NOT WORK SAFE MATERIAL too fucking complicated for you?
This doesn't show any nudity?

The image is, the images that are now in your brain, are not

There seems to be trend of thinking that as long as you say NSFW it makes RULE 1 of poetv go away. But what really earns this one star is that its just fucking dumb.

Dear HankFinch,

I don't consider this NSFW, as illustrated by my above comment. I added the "May be NSFW" tag for the benefit of people such as Teldin and apparently you after the fact to protect your virgin brains from a PG-rated scene that implies terrible things but has no actual malicious content.

Dear GoodAaron,

I don't really think it's really that NSFW either, I was just commenting on the trend. Which is why I gave the reason I was actually one starring it.

He also has hair that's in the shape of a butt, too.
Wonko the Sane
1 star for being terrible
Technically this isn't from an anime, it's from the video game Lunar. Maybe Lunar 2. There were several variations, one with two girls, one with the dude, I think it depended on who was in your party and what choices you made to decide which one you were 'treated' to.
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