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Desc:At last, a voice for the other side.
Category:Arts, News & Politics
Tags:hip hop, republicans, conservatives, Hi-Caliber, rap is dead
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Comment count is 7
themilkshark - 2009-03-17
I want to hurt this man.
Randroid - 2009-03-17
catch a glance from a dude he is real fine
i wish hed blow me like i'd blow up palestine
God told us to give tax cuts to the rich
nice try barack you shiftless negro bitch
wrappin heathen sand niggers face in saran
taking turns jerking off on the koran
p.s. hurry my taco bell is getting cold
Hooper_X - 2009-03-17
His flows are so dope.
baleen - 2009-03-17

This was posted here two days ago too.

this is just dumb.
Wytze! - 2009-03-17
Yes. Yes it was.

GoodAaron - 2009-03-17
Sorry, I didn't see it the first time around, and it didn't show up in the duplicate check or the couple of searches I made. Damn.

Even so, it seems I wasn't the only one who didn't see it the first time, so maybe it's not so terrible that its back up?

pastorofmuppets - 2009-03-18
his flaws are so dupe
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