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Desc:Is a description really needed?
Category:Classic TV Clips, Educational
Tags:Muppets, Sesame Street, oscar the grouch, Mike Rowe, dirty jobs
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Comment count is 16
Hugo Gorilla
Sesame Street manages to keep their celebrity cameos fresh.
Spot used to be nothing but sound effects, as I recall.
What's worse is that now, Slimey talks.

A talking worm.

I desperately hope that you're kidding.

Mike Rowe likes the back door =D I want to have his dirty, dirty babies.
I'm glad to see that Sesame Street is keeping up the slightly baffling guest stars. How many toddlers regularly watch Dirty Jobs? And how awesome are their parents?
my 7 year old loves Dirty Jobs but I had to turn her away when they did the rendering plant episode (which was AWESOME by the way)

Gimme a dirty pig!
Again, Mike Rowe shows that he's a better man than any of us.
On the next segment, he castrates Mr. Snuffleupagus.
With his teeth!

Well, I never thought I would jerk it to Sesame Street.
I liked it better when Melissa Etheridge serenaded the letter "U"' "...without you, there'd be no underware!" I think they put these guys on Sesame Street because they know while they're making preschoolers smarter they're turning the parents into slobbering zombies. Putting Chris Rock telling a dirty joke ("the pig fell in the mud") or James Taylor and his band performing "Up on the Roof" makes it entertaining for the adults again.
Syd Midnight
Rowe never loses his cool, because this job does not involve fire ants or fecal matter. He's seen lots worse than Oscar's trashcan. Once a snake puked on him and he got some in his mouth.
j lzrd / swift idiot

:D :D :D :D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These stars are for the children.
Mike Rowe deserves some sort of medal.
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