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Desc:An old Irish folk song in honor of the holiday.
Category:Arts, Religious
Tags:beer, tradition, st. patricks day, tiddly beer, folk song
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Comment count is 5
GoodAaron - 2009-03-17
Please try to ignore some of the more obnoxious pictures, just listen to the music and be happy.
Goethe and ernie - 2009-03-17
All the pikeys were out in town today, clogging up the pubs from midday. St. Patrick's Day means shit to 1. actual Irish people and 2. people with jobs. So, you know, carry on America. Or something.

Nice song though.
thatonegirl - 2009-03-17
It's like Cinco de Mayo, where it's just an excuse to drink.

Charles - 2009-03-17
I think they prefer the term "Gypsie" or "Diddicoy"
...tiddly beer beer beer!

Syd Midnight - 2009-03-17
It's an important American holiday. Some holidays are based around gifts, fireworks, candy, but St Patricks Day is based around drinking beer.

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