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Desc:We can't afford to lose the cacky cocka cocky poo poo cocks.
Category:Nature & Places, Humor
Tags:stephen fry, New Zealand, cock, poo, endangered
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Comment count is 25
Not to mention the New Zealand Dong Warbler, the majestic Seaman's Swallow, and the tragically endangered Hilariouspenismetaphor Bird.
I fucking hate Stephen Fry, I wish he would just fuck off already or stick to radio or something.
Die in a grease fire.

I don't know one single person in Britain that actually enjoys anything Stephen Fry, not one single person. His fans all seem to be Americans, which says everything you ever need to know about him.


Ask yourself: Would a British person enjoy this?

For example look up those horrible Twinings Tea adverts he did, you know the ones with the racist undertones.


Not a single person in Britain likes Stephen Fry, which is why he is referred to as a national treasure and seemingly given a permanent license to create any show he wants at any fucking time he wants to. His novels are hilarious, his wit refreshing, relaxing and charming, and he'll probably die a Lord.

How many people do you actually know, anyway?

Eat shit and die! Fry was awesome as Oscar Wilde.

Innocent Bystander

look what you started with your dumb

Most shows with Stephen Fry are made for export to, guess where, America. They get one tiny run on British BBC and repeated ad nauseam on BBC America.

At my university there is a Stephen Fry appreciation club which is almost 100% American.

He's very annoying and I wish he would just move to America and make his shitty shows over there. I'm sick of even typing his name, the very sight of which offends me.


But... that's not true.
I mean, that is actually "false."

I can understand why a college kid would hate this guy though, especially if you're from England. He's the Man. He's white, and from a rich family, and he conducts himself like a condescending professor, which he is. All these things make him a downer when you're rolling a spliff and listening to Lee Scratch Perry and trying to get into a girl's panties by talking about Derrida.

I'm sure you'll grow into him one day.

I know plenty of British and Irish people, and all of them love Stephen Fry. And yes, that statement about his shows being primarily on American TV is just made-up crap that is blatantly false. Also universal in consensus from people all across the world, was the inescapable conclusion that you are a mouth-breathing moron.

Even John Lennon talked about being hated back home, people resent success and love the underdog.

I'm in higher education therefore I take drugs and hate the Man. I also don't like nor know anyone who enjoys Stephen Fry therefore I am a mouth-breathing moron.

It's not hard to see why he is so well liked by the half-brained and the anglophile, just listen to yourselves.

Stephen Fry just is just plain old regular shit. He hasn't done a single funny thing since Blackadder and that really is the truth.

I think boner might be thinking along the right tracks though.

Innocent Bystander
You did not just say that QI, one of the only worthwhile things the otherwise bland and tedious nation of Great Britain has ever produced, is not funny.

You did not.

Hey man we're talking about the nation that's produced Eastenders! High drama, motherfuckers! And let's not forget the hilariously satirical and bitingly witty Are You Being Served?; that show was the highest-class, most intelligent thing you're likely to see. They are all way too smart to like a cultured and well-read man talk about stuff. Just like oddeye and boner. And I commend you guys. You guys are totally right; anything from the UK that Americans like is culturally inferior to gems like 'Allo, Allo or Footballers' Wives.

Oh shit nevermind boner isn't that smart, not like oddeye. Sorry man.

Now you are just projecting. I don't like UK TV in general, Fry especially.

In short, stop making shit up and get back to sucking Stephen Fry's cultured cock.


I just think you hate yourself and want England to die.


And I'm not so much an Anglophile as a person with English people in my family and an English mother who remembers the bombing of London by the Germans when she was four years old.

England, England, oh, Englandy English England. Forever.

Having grown up in a part of Scotland where it's still fairly common for someone to get a beating for being English you maybe right.

Syd Midnight
we shloud have let germany kick you're ass in ww2

wtf japan
The English poocock uses an eloquent manner of speech to disorient his prey before buggering it mercilessly.
j lzrd / swift idiot
I am amused by these bird names and the frothing here.
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