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Desc:Man grunts and squeaks and squawks with the animals
Category:Pets & Animals, Nature & Places
Tags:Lion, south africa, balls of steel, crazy people, CATegory
Submitted:Sammy Barnathan
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Comment count is 11
Wytze! - 2009-03-23
Ah, idiots fucking with nature! Good luck with your brains being eaten in the near future S.A. Steve Irwin!
Camonk - 2009-03-23
Those dude lions' heads are as big as his whole stupid torso.
Camonk - 2009-03-23
PS: This comment is proof that I'd make a badass nature commentator. Obviously I'm no Attenborough, but I could commentate the pants off that NatGeo dude.

CaptainJesusHood - 2009-03-23
Forget the last part, what really happened is the scene that ends at 2:05 continued into a longer, more frantic struggle until the camera crew became aware that Kevin was no longer in control of the situation. Unfortunately there was nothing they could do, and they filmed helplessly as the man was torn apart and feasted upon by the hungry animals. His ragged flesh was visibly ripped and fought over by the trio of young lions.

The media called his death tragic and "very surprising." He was remembered a good man, his last words called "brave" by newsmen and "So like Kevin" by teary-eyed friends and colleagues. The three lions were destroyed and this led to a rash of crazed behavior from the rest of the pack at the reserve in which all of the remaining 35 lions were regrettably put down.
mcsancherson - 2009-03-23
woah spoiler alert buddy

mcsancherson - 2009-03-23
lions dont eat him? is this supposed to be a 2-part
mcsancherson - 2009-03-23
you prick
read_a_tv - 2009-03-23
Honestly, this is bad ass. I'd love the opportunity to walk around with and pet a bunch of lions, and this dude does it with relative ease.
mouser - 2009-03-23
Grace Mugabe - 2009-03-23
It's amazing how blase South Africans are about living surrounded by dangerous animals.
fluffy - 2009-06-24
Oops, I accidentally duped this at http://www.poetv.com/video.php?vid=61805 which is almost out of the hopper. Sorry, for the inevitable DUPE DUPE DUPE comments.
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