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Desc:The ending makes this one.
Category:Stunts, Horror
Tags:soda, Basement, WTF was that?!
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Comment count is 36
Space Helicopter
And the bottle can serve a second purpose for lonely men such as he.
i think being lonely may be the least of his problems.

cant decide if the FAS makes this better or worse but either way its still 5 star material easy
The Townleybomb
Man oh man that is an unfortunate face.
If you saw it in silhouette, there's no way you'd peg it as human.

You can see his silhouette and it's just a straight line from his lips to his collar.

Dr Dim
What is wrong with him? Is it some kind of recognised condition?

Why is he so unusually bad at chugging?
He's chugly.

Come on man lay off
His face was designed by nature to make sure he'd die by the time he was six months old. It is not designed for chugging. He's doing the best with what a horrifically cruel god gave him.

Syd Midnight
His face was designed by nature to dig for for burrowing shellfish in shallow ocean waters.

Still not sure if these need a SFW fetish week tag or not.
Things are only going to get worse for this dude.
I don't see how that could happen.

There are so many things that I don't understand about this guy. I don't think any amount of videos of him chugging soft drinks would give me the answers, but there's only one way to find out.
Is he chewing tobacco at the same time?
Sadly his condition also turns his saliva black.

Syd Midnight
His muse probably covers a broad spectrum of SFW Youtube fetishes that are based on disgusting things you do in a basement, from erotic chaw dipping to dirty sock peeling. If he can make a living camwhoring on the edge, god bless'im.

chug away, for all mankind
Chug sodahead, chug for ever lasting peace.

bakune young
I don't know if this is a surprise to you guys or not, but this isn't his only video of him chugging things to music.
Wonko the Sane
masturbating furiously over here
Type 2 diabetes=


Frank Rizzo
so mountain dew is neon green, what the hell was that brown thing that popped out of his face?
That scares me the most from this video. I don't think he's human.

One of his teeth disolved.

Dammit, Danny, it's not a symbol! It's brown stuff! And it's coming out of my mouth...

the secret fetish here is that he's washing down an entire can of dip with each litre

That brown thing was the real sodahead13 -- the organism doing the chugging is just a host.

Holy shit I think King Koopa put Ringo into his de-evolution machine
After drinking that, he fas'ed out.
punch drunk babies
So does someone have an answer? How many poorly chugged sodas am I going to have to see?
punch drunk babies
No stars til I know. Eh, I guess ill give 4 for making me question so many things while tipsy at 11 in the morning

La Loco
The youtube comments are so crule. I feel really bad for this guy. I grew up thinking I was ugly, only to realize as an adult that it was only on the inside.
if part of whatever condition this dude was born with made his esophagus as narrow as a Q-tip, THEN I COULD BEGIN TO REMOTELY UNDERSTAND THIS HORSESHIT
You're a poet and you're not aware.

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