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Desc:Steelhawk apologizes.
Tags:bullet, The Onion, Hollow Point, Use a Hammer
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Comment count is 20
This marks the first time in my life I've heard the term "lung-shreddingest."
These stars are for the mute, horror-filled agony of the CGI target dummy.

These stars are for the ending.

it sucked.

because i laughed, and now feel like a dick

The Onion: Every Now And Then
Big Beef Burritos Supreme
I'd got my one all polished and ready for this.

Inferno bullets, you say?
I prefer the ones that cause little nuclear explosions, but those will suffice.

They played this one pretty straight, and it worked much better because of it.
My favorite part was the bearded dude at 1:10... There is something so authentic about how he holds up the bag and his hand shakes a bit.

punch drunk babies
Glad to see the ticker back
Wow, people that know nothing about the practicality of hollow point bullets. Good job public perception.
You gun nuts are so precious! With all the killing and maiming, it's just so cute.

see above.

Hollow point bullets are used primarily in self defense to prevent over-penetration, i.e. innocent bystanders being hit by a non-deformed full metal jacket bullet that has passed through someone's body mostly undeterred.

It's not about wanting to kill someone "real good". It's about not talking about things you can't be bothered to actually learn anything about.

it's about stopping power, police list that as the #1 reason they like hollowpoints, the whole "we dun wanna hit duh inussent bystandurs" is a bullshit line to justify inhumane bullets.

where do the police list this?

Mister Yuck
"Inhumane bullets"

Number of innocent bystanders saved by hollow points not zipping around 1 shot 5 kills vs number of people killed by organ shredding fragments (not to mention the increased time, money, and danger to surgeons removing said fragments).

Lies, lies, LIES!
Five stars for humorless gun faggots, and I didn't even watch the video.

Seriously you people are worse than Star Trek fans.

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