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Desc:Yeah, I'm wating for phone calls; somebody wanna call and debate me, or something?
Category:News & Politics, Humor
Tags:Public Access, Prank Calls, republicans, get some teeth
Submitted:Dr. Zaius
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Comment count is 13
God damn...that guy is like a troll sandwich with troll for bread and a side order of troll and your choice of troll, troll, or troll for a beverage.
aaaand the 2009 Troll Of The Year Award goes to....

Adham Nu'man
Whole Foods restaurant.
"and all the Americans could point out Missouri on a map..." BUT HIS POINT STILL STANDS.
Adham Nu'man
And the one French asshole wouldn't, which proves 100% of foreigners interviewed can't.

"Being French, of course, she didn't make any sense"
That's the problem with foreigners. When you talk to them, they just make gibberish sounds in funny voices. SPEAK ENGLISH MORONS!

I'm guessing that closer to 70% of Americans couldn't accurately place Missouri, which makes it all the more impressive that he completely refuted himself.

Keep Austin Weird!

... dear fuck, Texas. Why do you have to embarrass me everytime we have company?
Clearly we need more info as to who this is and what he's doing now.
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
He's now here posting under the pseudonym Cena Mark.

Frank Rizzo
"she had an asshole for a head"

this guy is precious.
Man Who Fights Like Woman
"Are you a liberal? You sound like a liberal."

I bet that guy smells like one too, in that he regularly washes.
Frank Rizzo
hippies shower?

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