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Desc:Nerd girl knows all about Lovecraft stories
Category:Classic TV Clips, Educational
Tags:Lovecraft, existentialist science fiction horror, quite thoroughly freaked out
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Comment count is 22
why the long face?
That guy
she's like an English 9, come on

Aw man, she missed The Blasted Heath...

-1 for missing that I mean COME ON

Adham Nu'man
"Hey there, pussycat, I heard you like to get completely freaked out"
Oh yeah, you can just close the book and put it away, until you sleep. Then the real fun begins.
Shit I got like half of these and I've never read a single bit of Lovecraftian fiction.
Grace Mugabe
I was about to argue that H.P. is taken quite seriously by academics thus she wasn't necessarily a nerd. Then I saw she's wearing an ankh.
I guess she was willing to do Logans Run trivia if the Lovecraft gig didn't pan out.

Jeff Fries
Click on the screen to see her take on Douglas Adams

only if you put quotes around it, like this: "academics"

Innocent Bystander
Thowougly fweaked out.

Because of the howwow.
The indescwibaboul howwow?

around 1:50 the host pronounces it "Necromonicom"
King of Balls
What a dork.

She is actually my wife
i bet sex is tense and weird with her

Just the way I like it

Be still my beating heart.
i'd do her
King of Balls
You and me both, together.

Man, I would totally go on this show. That looks like it would be fun as hell.
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