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Desc:For kennydra, who thought the sjambok had the strangest demo.
Category:Humor, Horror
Tags:cold steel, Y chromosome, floppin around on the ground, crunchy goodness
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Comment count is 29
Where's the clip of the knife cutting through the brisket and lodging in his thigh?
This wouldn't simply lodge in your thigh. This has the potential to go right through it.

I want to buy that car's hood.

That hood is TOUGH
5 stars for desc.
Aubrey McFate
Standin' around like a bloody idiot!
These guys don't fuck about with bbq!!! Also, The guy who was stabbing the car hood looks just like my stepdad.
Spastic Avenger
The Not-So-Subtle Knife
would be more intimidating if the guy using the Kukri was skinny enough to button up his shirts
I was gonna say how I'd be more scared of him with the gun than the knife, cause with the gun, if I ran up a flight of stairs, he wouldn't be helpless.

PS: That is the Casual Fat Guy Shirt. He could button it. But he believes leaving it unbuttoned to be slimming.

hahaha camonk, very true.

Camonk, you make this demo matter

wtf japan
Merely mentioning the name "gurkha kukri" paralyzes your enemy... with laughter!
one of my favorite parts about this video has always been how clearly he struggles with saying the phrase "gurkha kukri"

and for the record...i bought one. you should see the car hoods in my neighborhood now.

he has about as much trouble saying "three fifty seven"

My god, it's like a gun and a knife are used for completely different things.

(seriously, I thought the reason guns fucked people up so bad was the whole "bullet expands and then bounces around and tears healthy chunks out of vital organs" angle - a rack of beef doesn't have a fucking spleen to puncture.)

Also, I love how the guy clearly was struggling to drop to one knee to shoot... and they conspicuously avoided showing him standing back up again.
Cuts the meat, chops the firewood, trims the firepit cinderblocks. Luau!
That meat is so fatty it'll just melt in the mouth. The balsa wood won't burn very well though...

That's not a gurkha kukri, THIS is a gurkha kukri!
karl hungus
needs a "big fat box of shit" tag, because lynn thompson is one.
stars for teener.
Dr Dim
So these guys just smash things and play with knives all day? I bet they get to live in a tree house and watch unlimited tv as well. Itīs just not fair.
I dunno, I would rather have the gun, honestly.
I'd rather have a Gurkha uniform.
http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/4/4a/Gurkha_IOC_ 1.jpg

I like the part where he misses the target on the cinder block twice.
"My forearms aren't exactly small." Get that fella a 'Big Penis' medal!
Finally, something that outperforms SWORDS for self defense
This is a Kukri, it is a very large, very sharp knife. I will now demonstrate what one could conceivably do with a very large, very sharp knife. To recap: this is a knife, and it is sharp.
5 stars for awesome, violent cutting of everything they could find.

-1 for implication that it can do more damage than a bullet from a .357 magnum. just because the bullet only punched a tiny hole in that slab of soft meet doesn't mean it wouldn't liquefy a 2" diameter cylinder through your internal organs. Not to mention all the hydrostatic shock.

And, most importantly, you can do it from 100ft away.
So awesome that my -1 DIDN'T AFFECT THE SCORE.

So wait, a knife cuts meat better than a pistol?
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