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Desc:This week, Yatzhee skewers Resident Evil 5.
Category:Video Games, Horror
Tags:idiots, zero punctuation, Yahtzee, Spear chuckers
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Comment count is 24
I got an hour into this before deciding to sell it to a co-worker. I figure I owed Capcom for RE4, but damn. This game is a piece of shit if you're playing it without a co-op partner.
From what I heard the game also has a lot of co-op issues, the game's netplay is incredibly laggy and frustrating. And in split-screen play about a quarter of your screen is wasted thanks to scaling.

Played through the game like three times on the 360 with internet partners and I didn't run into any lag at all, so I don't know if that's a PS3 thing or if I got lucky or what.

I do like Yahtzee and think he's funny and everything, but these reviews do show that beyond the humor, he's not that interesting of a reviewer. The racism argument has been done to death and is about as interesting as that hat of his, and the pissing and moaning over the inventory system would make sense if he wasn't comparing it to RE4's which, for as much credit is due for an egg=egg, still had you swapping out and discarding and agonizing as much as RE5's. Remember, a shotgun would take up a good quarter of your final attache case (you actually bought size upgrades, so it's even worse earlier on.)

As far as the AI partner goes, I've heard you can manage even on Professional provided you only give her two weapons to work with and monitor the hell out of her ammo output, but I never had to deal with that, because I only played on co-op.

I gotta say the same thing: Co-Op was flawless. I played with two different dudes playing through the game twice and I had nothing but an excellent experience. Yes single player is lackluster, but it's not awful. Also on the 360 by the way.

And yes the racism angle has been debated ad nauseum, but the review is still funny.

I'm glad somebody had a good experience with this game. His review had me worried. I like everyone else loved RE4 so was glad to see it was more of the same. I am a little disappointed they haven't gone beyond the giant dudes with bags on their heads but I'm hoping I enjoy this game.

Also the spear chucking bit is a pretty funny take on the racism controversy.

Add me to the like-list. I'm near the end of the fourth section in a co-op game and the thing has been a blast. Not as good as RE4, but it's still worth giving a try with a friend.

CPU controlled character being a pain in the ass? Well...welcome to video games. On the flip side, Capcom should have just forced everyone to play Co-op only (or designed the game so you can play alone, without another character).

Five for Yahtzee anyways.

recursive armor
Robin Kestrel
Yeah, five stars for recursive armor.

Big Beef Burritos Supreme
Still going to get this because hey zombies.
I like how he calls everyoen who would buy a Yahtzee t-shirt a giant faggot who needs to shut up, then tells them all to buy his t-shirt.
Caminante Nocturno
What upsets me is that the merchant from RE4 apparently isn't in this game.
a flaming monkey
that guy at the start with the Aladdin hood kind of reminded me of the merchant.

Cheech Mare-in?
David Boww-ee?

Pretty dead on. Co-op mode is super fun though, split screen or not. It's true Sheva's AI is fucking retarded, so playing singleplayer is kind of annoying. I still played through by myself just fine.
RE5 is a fine game, is it RE4, which many POEsters called, "the best game of it's generation"? No. Does that make it a bad game? In no way whatsoever. Yeah the inventory system blows, but it's an RE game, it's always blown; same goes for the controls.

I haven't had any problem with Sheva's AI, give her a machine gun, fill up her remaining slots with Herb (lucky guy! ~ dur) and put her into ATTACK MODE, as opposed to COVER mode - something Yahtzee never figured out it seems. SHe'll run around shooting the hell out of everything, breaking up boxes and will only pick up money (but not gems, fuck). She's even saved my ass on more then one occasion. That said, the co-op is perfect, teach your mom how to play and get on that shit.

I agree with him on the racism, but not on the cause. the inclusion of grass-skirted speakchuckers isn't because Capcom are idiots, it's because, "Oh Japan."

I wonder how long it will be before we see another good survival horror-y type game that actually is about horror and atmosphere rather than action sequences, gun fetishism, micomanagement, and titties. Silent Hill 2 seems like such a long, long time ago.....
a flaming monkey
Silent Hill is in a league of its own. I enjoy RE for its pulpy Z-grade awesomeness. Granted, the matrix kung fu shit pisses me off, and the whole use-special-weapon-with-time-limit-before-facility-explodes endings are getting a bit old, but it wouldn't be the same without it. Maybe it's something about playing the earlier games during childhood which makes me such a fan.

a flaming monkey
I don't know, the inventory system of most resident evil games has always been tricky because one of the points of the earlier games was that you had to manage and conserve your items effectively. I like that, because it means you have to at least try and plan ahead, instead of just carrying everything at once. Plus, if you put Sheva on attack mode she doesn't just use the pistol, and I find she's always pretty good at finding/hitting the boss' weak points.
I like the game, and the tribe bit was explained in one of the documents/diaries. As I recall, the virus killed all their children in this specific tribe, then infected the adults, they got angrier and crazier, and then started dressing up in traditional dress and stuff. I thought that was kind of a cool touch, the virus made them revert to primitive ways.
I often get the feeling this guy just likes to badmouth popular games to be different, he should invest a little more attention to the good points, like the creature design, secret treasures, diverse weapons, plus those cool bits where you find a corpse and you 'investigate' it, and it has all its guts out or whatever. Yeah!

They actually had a neat interview with him were he explains that no one wants to hear a review consisting of good things about a game. And he does point out bits in games he likes...

Primitive ways?

The point.

Your head.

a flaming monkey
I'm just saying, he makes the game sound crap, which I disagree with. Oh, who gives a fuck anyway?

no biggie don't stress it

Syd Midnight
"More holes than a triple-cunted hooker in 19th century Whitechapel". It probably took him a minute to come up with that line, and it was a minute well spent.
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