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Desc:A compilation of every use of the words 'satan' or 'hell' throughout Slayer's illustrious career.
Category:Arts, Religious
Tags:metal, satan, Slayer, hell, satanic hell
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(the same guy did one for every time Metallica uses the words "death", "die", or "dying".)
Robert DeNegro
I woulda thought "Satan" would be more common than "Hell." Shows what I know about things.
Too bad that Hinduism is the one true religion. Poor deluded fools.

Goethe and ernie
I fucking LOVE Slayer
Syd Midnight
I remember buying "Hell Awaits" as a kid and feeling so guilty because it was so evil and satanic, until I got to the end of the liner notes and saw that they'd dedicated the album to "Canadian beer".
Rape Ape
The other funny thing is that Tom Araya is actually Catholic.

Interesting how it all sounds like basically the same song the entire time.
Naw, it clearly gets shittier and nu-metal-ier at the end.

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