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Desc:The people who made this show have a lot to answer for
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Horror
Tags:X-men, Horrible music, X-Men Evolution, girl power
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Comment count is 46
what. the. FUCK.
This week on Totally Mutants!
Like omg. Bring back this show.

Uh, I believe that should be X-MYN.

So, this is basically the Xmen equivalent of "Flame On"

I fucking hated this show so much. They ruined Gambit, killed Rogue and replaced her with a pod person and made boom boom a major character. :C
"Ruined Gambit."

Did they accidentally give gambit a point

Did they just hijack that guy's car?
Shit, I think Rogue KILLED that guy. The message here is clearly that dancing leads to murderous carjackings.

Caminante Nocturno
Those lesbians have amazing powers, but they have questionable tastes in clothing.
So Rogue is a goth now, huh.
Caminante Nocturno
They still let her keep her accent, so she's a southern goth.

So if she's a southern goth does that mean she's like a character out of a William Faulkner novel?

j lzrd / swift idiot
Technically, it means Rogue is a Juggalette.

Oh god.

Goethe and ernie
The people responsible for this really hate children.
Why else do you think they chose a career in childrens' programming?

It's good to see the GI Joe quality of animation has been maintained.
Fuck you. This is nothing compared to Snake Eyes, Shipwreck, and Snake Eyes' dog rocking out.

Syd Midnight
That episode where Shipwreck accidentally burns down an orphanage then has to entertain the children was the finest moment in animation history

I was actually thinking of Pyramid of Darkness part 3, where Snake Eyes, Satin, Shipwreck and the dog pretend to be an 80s punk band but sound less like punk and more like a Laura Brannigan cover band.

"Shipwreck accidentally burns down an orphanage" is the funniest fucking phrase in the english language. At least to me, right now, it is.

Busby Berkeley
Quasi-lesbianism? Black leather? Horrible pop music? Did Chris Claremont write this episode?

I suppose if he had, Storm would have been involved.
He did. She's the dom in the all girl angst-ridden soul searching/group sex scene.

Tranny man chins, shitty music, sex and the city inspired montages, and awful animation all take this to the limit.
punch drunk babies
I'd like to see how x23 could be introduced to this scene
With Claws and Fury, hopefully.

You can feel the pure GRRL POWER! radiating from every frame of animation.
Was that meant to be empowering or just spank fodder?
Haven't you heard? Being spank-fodder is what's empowering these days!

Guide to post-Spice Girls popular female empowerment, aka Girl Power:
- be/aspire to be pencil thin
- if you aren't pencil thin, be aggressively big and beautiful and yet still secretly hate yourself inside for not being pencil thin
- have an exclusive entourage of hot friends; if you think any of them are hotter than you, secretly hate them; secretly pity the rest
- bond with hot friends over common interests (such as dancing, dating and shopping) and nothing more, even though this isn't really bonding
- be ambiguously homosexual with hot friends
- assault a boy for little or no reason, preferably in the junk
- wear: perfume, lip gloss, padded push-up bras, spanks, high heels, fake nails, fake lashes, wigs and/or hair extensions, and more makeup than a clown
- reveal the goddess in you by shaving/waxing everything under your eyebrows, plucking and styling everything else, and getting a fake and/or spray-on tan
- justify outrageous cosmetic surgery (not limited to but including implants fake enough to spot a mile away) by insisting that you did it "for yourself"

I don't know how women cope with being bombarded by this crap without going on homicidal rampages.

Also, a friend tells me that the Pussycat Dolls will be presenting and "performing" at the Kid's Choice awards tonight. Super.

Caminante Nocturno
Whenever cartoons try to empower a certain group, they end up being much more offensive to that group.

Every single time.

Heh, Captain Planet.

Syd Midnight
Good Lord that was awful
Yeah, things really went down hill after season 2. It was actually a semi-watchable show with decent episode plots before that, hard as it is to believe.

Also, the animation isn't nearly as bad as it appears here, but whoever encoded it didn't know what the hell they were doing. God I hate youtube.
Anyone calling THIS awful animation is looking back on the original cartoon series with rose glasses. That thing was like watching a flip book of X-men comics.

Rodents of Unusual Size
Wow, those girls from Jem have turned pretty hardcore since the last time I saw them.
Why? dear god, WHY?
Big Name Celebrity
Ok, assuming the short, dark skinned girl was Monet, and the last girl to join was Psylocke (I guess...), I think I know everyone here, but who the hell shot fire? No one in this video is supposed to shoot fire.

I know you all think I'm being a dipshit, but these questions are really very important on the macro-human level. Don't dismiss me just because of your own ignorance.
Magma, Boom Boom, Jean, Shadowcat, Rogue


Are clothes expensive, in the Matrix?
Light as a feather, stiff as a board.

Light as a feather, stiff as a board.
This is how Stan Lee originally envisioned the X-men, but Jack Kirby screwed it up.
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