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Desc:The Wire is such a good show
Category:Classic TV Clips, Crime
Tags:Polygraph, the wire, bunk, copier
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Comment count is 11
I think it's almost time to start watching this again, from the beginning.

Frank Rizzo
Nice tags jackass, to bad it was submitted anomalously. Now who ever did submit cant fix it.

Anyhoo, the best part is that the xerox machine bit actually happened.
Yeah I read about the photocopier trick too in some dumbest criminals anthology.

People ask me this all the time. "Is Baltimore really like what it is on The Wire?", and i tell them the truth. Yes. Yes it is. The police are also a lot more frightening.
Do you live in Baltimore or do you just have an encyclopedic knowledge of all moderate to large cities in the US?

Born and raised in Baldimore, Merlin.

I've lived 14 years in Glen Burnie, it's near Baltimore--I ride the light rail through M&T stadium everyday on the way to college at UMBC. I am now an expert on all things Baltimore.

If I ever have a child, and that child should want to become a police officer, I'll sit him/her down and show this video. Then I'll say, If you can't measure up to Bunk Moreland, you have to choose another vocation--do you think you can be as good a police as the Bunk?
I've seen every season 9 times so far. And yes, it was worth it.
Midnight Man
This is by several miles the most realistic interogation scene I've ever seen.

I'm gonna have to watch this show now
You are in for a treat

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