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Desc:The 80s ran out of animals to cartoonize, so they start mixing them.
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Horror
Tags:Disney, wuzzles, Bumblelion, mixed genetics
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They got originality~!

3 stars for nostalgia factor I suppose.
Caminante Nocturno
You know, I...

... Don't remember hating this show.
I was like five when this came out. But I distinctly remember not liking it. If I had been old enough to know what "gimmicky" meant I would have described it as such.

And yet two years later the same studio would give us Ducktales. How is this possible? Replacing almost everyone really helped.
here's a hint: Ducktales is a shitty show too

Ha ha, nice try but you are wrong forever. A show about JP Morgan adventuring through ancient ruins, and also he's a duck, is inherently incapable of being bad. This can be proven with maths.

JP Morgan? You must mean Glomgold. As I understand it, McDuck was based loosely on Andrew Carnegie.

Do we really need an archive of every cartoon from the 80s? This isn't sad, fat nostalgia TV.
"This isn't sad, fat nostalgia TV."

I have some bad news friend...

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