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Desc:Wonder Woman would be Aquaman if it weren't for her tits.
Category:Classic TV Clips
Tags:Superfriends, Wonder Woman, how to, arts and crafts, rolemodel in gogoboots and thong panties
Submitted:Daniel Striped Tiger
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Comment count is 18
"You look puzzled!"

"Er, yeah.. What were you swinging from, exactly?"


"Then all that's left to do.. is bash it with a rock!"
"Why did I come out to this forest to do my homework?"

"Let's see.. Why, you have the makings of a Yo-Yo in here!"

"Looks like there's the makings of a Yo-Yo out here, as well."

That would be the largest and most awkward yo-yo in the world.
Mad Struggle
She doesn't know how to tie a proper yo-yo to boot.

Perhaps she hates lazy yo-yos.

We spent a minute dicking around on a shitty arts and crafts project! Now our show qualifies as "educational" under federal broadcasting guidelines!

Thanks, Wonder Woman!
Also: How about the "How to" tag. For irony's sake.

Caminante Nocturno
"In a few minutes, I'll show you how to put it all together."

"Hey, what a great idea... Wait, why in a few minutes?"

"Well, first, I want to show you a little game my Amazon sisters and I like to play with each other."

"W-wait, what are you doing?!"
"Wait! Why are you tying m-"

Rodents of Unusual Size
"Wonder Woman, you sure like rockets. Are you sure you want me to tie you to-"

...later that episode...


Girl: Hee, yay, fun, yo-yo, etc. *playing with a thing made out of a giant spool and some tupperware lids which might be a yo-yo*

Wonder Woman: *soars in from a random, kind of detached-looking rope swing* Hey, little girl. What are you doing there?

Girl: I'm playing with this yo-yo I made for school! *Yo-yo'ing*

Wonder Woman: Watch where you're throwing that thing! *takes the yo-yo* Yo-yos are dangerous...they aren't toys. Did you know that the...uh...ancient...Mayans or something even used them as weapons? And then, that guy from Startropics.

Girl: But Joey said if I get six full heart containers, I can wield the Morning Star. Then I can really fuck people up.

Wonder Woman: What kind of reference is this, anyway?

Don't forget Yo Noid!


Superman: Rescue the galaxy of M-19 from the clutches of the vicious Space Conquerors and their moon-destroying Infinity Beam.

Batman: Stop Doctor Oblivion from unleashing his latest creation, Anti-Matter Frankenstein, whose very touch could obliterate the Earth.

Flash: Defeat Captain Timewarp's mad plan to go back to 1776 and turn George Washington into a goose with his goose laser.

Black Vulcan: Bring the funk.

Aquaman: Save Hawaii from Admiral Shark and his missile-guided shark brigade.

Green Lantern: Stop the plans of Cosmic Emperor Vengon and his Space Zebras to use their magical Opposite Amulet to turn the sun into a giant snowball.

El Dorado: Defeat the rampaging Hell-giant of Quazalataca before the rise of the full moon.

Wonder Woman: Make something with string. Or don't, just stay out the men's way, dammit.
I have bookmarked this video solely for this comment.

Testicles of Doom
Well, I'm sure making that cheap little yo-yo will keep Darkseid at bay for at least another year or two.
It's the commentary that makes moments like these precious.
Guys, you guys are dicks. Maybe this is Wonder Woman's hobby. Or her community service.
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