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Desc:Channel 3 Is There!
Category:Business, Crime
Tags:fight, local news, recession
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Comment count is 10
not quite a "fight" more like a "tussle"
A brouhaha
a rhubarb
a fracas
a rumpus
a tumult

Sorry I have a thing for EA Sports NHL announcers

The Townleybomb
I know I'm smiling now, red shirt. You gonna put your hand on my camera?
Robert DeNegro
If I had to wear that fruity cap, I'd be fightin' mad too!!!
This is weird. The video I watched didn't have a fight at all. It was a piece about layoffs at a auto repair shop that didn't have any altercations at all.

Is it something funky with the submission?
Same here.

Me too!

That guy is getting fucked on taxes.... it's a metaphorical beating

I tried to use 'update dead link' but I don't know if that worked.

Here's a direct link:

http://www.wwmt.com/video/index.php?bcpid=1111405973&bclid=113 7706675&bctid=17851781001

My link read right to swine flu outbreak. But +5 for the "Does Sarah Palin Have Enough Experience? Y/N to Win a Prize!!" survey link at the bottom.

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