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CapnS - 2006-08-07

That's absolutely amazing

boner - 2006-08-07

High quality file, direct from the crazy Dutch bastards: http://www.toool.nl/bumpkey-alert.wmv

RockBolt - 2006-08-07

Geez, that is even quicker than a snap gun

EvilHomer - 2006-08-07

Jesus, this is history in the making.

Alex - 2006-08-07

get a dog, a BIG dog

jaunch - 2006-08-07

I wonder if there is any kind of lock you can buy that is safe? Except magnetic.

Concerned Citizen - 2006-08-07

Next week on Dutch news: how to make crack 8-balls in 3 minutes using ingredients from your pantry!

dead_cat - 2006-08-08


Vallombrosa - 2006-08-08

Absolutely incredible. Time to see about investing in biometrics.

Ahriman the Creepy Lurker - 2006-08-08

Well, that was depressing.

bopeton - 2006-08-09

Effective lock = rottweilers

Hooper_X - 2006-09-09

Well. I know what MY career path is gonna be if grad school doesn't pan out...

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