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Desc:Act 1: A Simple Request. Act 2: Delusions. Act 3: Farewell
Category:Classic TV Clips, Crime
Tags:cwc, Chris-Chan, Autistic Rage, leaving forever
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Bill Bixby, eat your heart out.
Too many crooks OH BURNNNN
Ugh he's funny and retarded and everything but it's been over a year of torturing this guy and it's like... He's mentally retarded. You know?
My conscience is soothed by the hilarity.

Agree, I can't watch these any more. This has gone from being funny to being sad.

Torture the Artist
It's not really that funny, no, but an autistic comic book artist in a cartoon world of toys is making super villain threats to a bunch of slightly less autistic shut-ins who created elaborate female personas to get a retard on the internet to masturbate to them.

This is why Portal of Evil was created.

Think of it this way baleen: though Chris-chan is likely somewhat upset by these goings on, there is a greater total joy for the thousands of people who get to watch his videos. Everyone needs a clown to make them feel better about themselves and CWC is providing a service to the world.

What's tragic is that his salvation is as simple enough as not parading around on the internet. He's running with no breaks and everybody is awaiting a horrible crash.

William Burns
The broth was spoiled by too many crooks.

Every word is a crook.

Fist pump.

Sissy punching.

Shove your ass down your throat.

He's so mad that he's punching a picture of one of the NJGuido guys?
edit: if we ever meet in public we will stare at the dirt we are shifting around with our shoes and occasionally look up very briefly for awkward glances.
"just a major...just a small update."

i never watch more than the first 30 seconds of these.
Assuming he's even being a small percentage serious with these, I think he's finally broken.
damn its been removed. Can anyone provide a transcript?
I don't think words can do the sadness enough justice.

Rodents of Unusual Size
I hate Chris Chan and I hate Family Guy but from the little of that show I've seen, he sounds for all intents and purposes like the pedophile on that show. And that is all I can associate his voice with.
I'm not sure whether this is a D: or a :D
this was WAY better than the Battlestar Galactica finale
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